April 24, 2017

Transmission Tower

Guru Nanak Overseas Co Pvt. Ltd. manufacturers Transmission Tower in varied and desired specifications with high-strength structure, therefore strongly helping in the transmission of power overhead. The company is a reliable and established name for designing or custom-designing Transmission Tower, Transmission Line Towers in numerous shapes and sizes with high-capacity conductors on both of the sides. It strives to enhance the satisfaction level of clients through enhancing quality standards and safety quotients. Therefore, the company places emphasis on various factors including design, structural strength, safety devices, etc. It has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant where every fabrication process is taken care of by specialist team. Above all, it optimizes the resources and skill in order to fulfill long-term requirement of clients in any volume and capacity without any delay.

Product Features :

Strong enough to carry voltage of different kvs
Structure made of high-strength material like S.S.
Highly robust to bear an overhead power line
Design in a way that minimizes the visual effect
Serving satisfactorily mechanical purposes
Resist electrochemical abrasion