November 23, 2016


A bright and trusted name in the Transmission, Distribution and Substation Line Materials, Agarwala Engineering Works is a highly successful manufacturer, exporter and trader offering a wide range of Electrical Overhead Equipment, various Hardware Fittings and Engineering Goods & Equipment. The product basket of our company comes with the following items:

  1. - GI Forged Pins for Insulators: 11 KV to 33 KV
  2. - Disc Hardware Fittings for Disk Insulators
  3. - Shackle Hardware: 11 KV (C & T Type), 11 KV (T & C Type), 11 KV (B & S Type, 2/3 Bolt, 4 Bolt Ball Clamp Type), 33 KV Hardware Fitting B & S Type (3/4/5 Bolt)
  4. - Stay Sets: IT & 11 KV Line Stay Sets, 33 KV Line Stay Sets, Earthing Sets, All Types of Earthing Sets (Rode, Pipe & Coil Types)
  5. - All Types of Pole Line Fittings (Structural Item): Line Transmission (Single Pole, Double Pole, Four Pole, Guardings)
  6. - Transmission Tower Structures
  7. - Bolts & Nuts
  8. - All Size of Bolts & Nuts
  9. - HT & LT Suspension Clamps, Dead-end Clamps
  10. - PG Clamps (for Squirrel, Rabbit, Wensel & Dog Conductors)
  11. - All Types of Fittings

Our Quality

At Agarwala Engineering Works, we believe that quality is the touchstone of success. To meet the highest level of quality standards with all our products and services, we adhere to a Quality Control Policy that aims at achieving total customer satisfaction through continual quality improvement. We have been certified to ISO 9001 and follow ISO standards in design and production of our products. There is a dedicated quality control unit at our factory premise. This unit - operated by a team of experts - performs different tests at every level of production while our top management sets, reviews and analyzes the overall quality objectives time to time and thus ensures continual improvement through organizational learning, efficient management and quality in innovation in all areas of our operations.

Our Product Range

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